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On confirmation of a booking:

  • HATS will send educational material to complement the presentation, and details of student participation in the presentation.

  • The school staff choose 5 - 10 students and allocate roles as per the documentation that will be sent (there is no script to learn and no rehearsal is needed until the day of the presentation).

The day of the presentation:


Two hours prior to presentation:

HATS presenter will arrive and set up the venue.
2. 1 hour prior to presentation:  The 5 -10 student participants arrive at venue to rehearse their roles with the HATS presenter.
3. Presentation: Duration about 50 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes for any questions. (The presentation can be reduced down to 30 minutes if there are time constraints)

Preferred timing for HATS Presentations

AM Session:

7:45 am              Arrive at the school and set up venue
8:45 am              Meet with the 10 student helpers and rehearse their roles
9:45 am              HATS presentation to the students and question time
10:45 am            Pack up
11:30 am            Depart the school

PM Session:

12:15 pm            Arrive at the school and set up venue
1:15 pm              Meet with the 10 student helpers and rehearse their roles
2:15 pm              HATS presentation to the students and question time
3:15 pm              Pack up
4:00 pm              Depart the school

These times are my preferred approximate times. The times may vary according to school preferences and proximity of other schools with any bookings on the same day.

The presentation is a blend of storytelling, role play, and students acting the story as it is narrated.

Although the students have set roles, it is intended to be an enjoyable experience and they have the opportunity to bring their own personality to the presentation.

Some prior knowledge of these people and associated Australian History would be useful, but not essential for this presentation. Student learning sheets are provided to assist with educational outcomes associated with these stories.

PLEASE NOTE: A data projector and screen would enhance the presentation if one is available, but it is not essential if the school is unable to provide a venue with one.



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